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New: Vredestein 710/75 R 38 Traxion XXL

01 november 2013
More capacity for less money

Large-scale agriculture with powerful tractors requires tyres which can cope perfectly with any task. Vredestein developed the highly successful TraxionXXL especially for these powerhouses of the field. The range has now been expanded with size 710/75 R 38, which, despite its large dimensions can be fitted on existing rims and offers substantial savings. This new Vredestein all-rounder makes its début at Agritechnica 2013.

More traction and a higher load capacity are the two main demands of professionals for their heavy tractor tyres. However, it is also important not to lose sight of other matters, such as operating costs and optimal productivity. A 710 mm tyre is often deployed for heavy work. On tractors from 230 hp to 280 hp, the resulting additional traction often requires replacing the standard 38-inch rear tyres with 42-inch ones. This typically means that the tyres on the front axle then also might have to be upgraded from 28 to 30 inches, resulting in a hefty investment in tyres and rims. Thanks to the introduction of the Vredestein 710/75 R 38 TraxionXXL, it is no longer necessary to install larger rims as the tyres can be fitted on the existing rims.

Less investment, greater capacity
The most unique aspect of the new 710/75 R 38 TraxionXXL is its sidewall height, which, at 75% of the tyre width, results in a diameter of two metres. This is exactly between the lower 710/70 R 38 and the higher 710/70 R 42, and almost always fits without modifications to the cab. It means that professionals can keep their 38-inch rims and still enjoy the advantages resulting from a larger diameter: more traction, a larger footprint and a higher load capacity. The larger air volume in the new rear tyre allows for up to 400 kg more capacity than the 710/70 R 38 when used for transport. Depending on the size of the tyres on the front axle, which also fit the existing rims, the total investment can be up to 65% less than with a customary switch.

Unique tread cleat shape
The intelligent profile of the Vredestein TraxionXXL is key to its success and results in superior performances in the field and on the road. The uniquely shaped tread cleats and wide distance between them in the shoulder ensure excellent self-cleaning in the traction zone, guaranteeing maximum traction. The larger surface of cleats in the middle of the tread – the comfort zone – ensures comfortable and safe driving at relatively high speeds as well as a long lifespan.

Technical specifications
Vredestein TraxionXXL 710/75 R 38 TL 174D
Tyre size (new +/- 2%): Diameter: 2.0 metres, width: 715 mm; rolling
circumference: 5950 mm
Recommended rim size: DW23B x 38 (permitted rim size DW25B x 38)
Load capacity and speed: 6,700 kg @ 240 kPa @ 65 km/h